Our Story

Tientip Narach Owner of La Tarte Flambee


It passes thru generations from my grandma owning a restuarant in Southern Thailand half-century ago to my mother caring of children with homey foods every day after school.  My passion for healthy & delicious foods since my youth drives me to learn from professional chefs. With thousands of practices to master the skills, I quit from high paid Chief SME Banking Officer at a top-tier bank in Thailand and start a restaurant journey in New York, the most amazing city in the world!   

In the search for the 1st location, in my mind it is always the United States where I spend time the most outside of Thailand. I travel to San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Las Vegas, Miami, Washington DC. It's right here in New York where I find "La Tarte Flambee" and fell in love with New York, La Tarte Flambee's lovely garden, passionate Mathias & Amandine, their team and uniquely delicious Tarte Flambee!... so much that I decide to invest and enhance to the next level of a French-Indochine restaurant, a perfect combination of East meets West cuisines and dining experiences! I am sure you know about France. Indochine where I come from is rich in welcoming cultures, smiles and hospitality. Imagine a peninsula in South East Asia, between the Bay of Bengal and the South China Sea... Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, West Malaysia, and Mianmar.

It is not just a business to invest. It takes me a year to conclude this transaction with Mathias, to convince him that I truly understand La Tarte Flambee's value and commit to grow his baby to a full potential where people around the world can experience it. I love everything about foods. It is not just delicious dishes to offer. Here, we excite you with new experience of cuisines where you can enjoy around the clock. We make you travel while enjoying meals, a perfect shortcut to 10-20 hours flight! We are passionate and commit to offer memorable experiences to you.  We are right here ready!  

Welcome to a new 2019 La Tarte Flambee. Come and enjoy the experiences!

Mathias Peter Founder of La Tarte Flambee


I’m Mathias, born and raised in Alsace. It’s this little part of France all the way east, glued to the German border. Family is strong and I will always remember Sundays family trips in the vineyard. After long hours of walking uphill and downhill, there comes the reward!
You reach the village, here is the barn where they serve the best tartes flambées. You pass through this huge wooden door, big enough to let the tractors come in and out, it smells well like a barn and there are long communal tables in the courtyard. Now we sit together, 15, maybe 20 of us, and we don’t even order, because that’s all they serve: the Tarte flambee, called “flammekueche” by the elders. It’s simply delicious!

Later it was with my friends and then we started to organize tarte flambées parties at home. Everybody has his brick oven in the garden and we invite friends over. Each guest does his own flambée. Some like it with cheese others with mushrooms others prefer the sweet ones...
It’s been around all along my life and in my best souvenirs there was always a Tarte flambée involved! I even met my wife Amandine eating a Tarte Flambée!
I wanted to bring this part of Alsace and my heritage to make sure New Yorkers and travelers, will have the same exact traditional Tarte flambee as when they travel and visit those small villages. 

Here in New York. Did you know that La Tarte Flambee is a proud member of the “Confrérie du véritable flammekueche”? (or “Brotherhood of the true flammekueche”, which is the Alsatian name of our signature flatbread!) . A member of the brotherhood came straight from Alsace to assess and taste our Tarte Flambée, and our methods (made from scratch, cooked in a wood oven) and of course the delicious taste of our tartes showed that we deserved to be part of the brotherhood !  We are very proud of the title, as we’re the only restaurant to be a member in the US!

Born in Northern Alsace and brought to NYC!


La Tarte Flambee is found in 2012 in Upper East Side of Manhattan by Mathias before moving to 153 E 33rd St in 2014. In the dialect spoken in Alsace, flammekueche means ”cooked in the flames”; the French flambee has a similar meaning. One of our dear customers described it like this: “If a pizza and a crepe had a baby, it would be a tarte flambee!” Whatever it’s called, tarte flambee is to northern Alsace what pizza is to southern Italy.

It starts with bread dough rolled out fine as a crepe. This dough is spread with creme fraiche, a thick soured cream mixed with a delicate fresh white cheese called fromage blanc. It is seasoned with salt and pepper, and then thinly sliced white onions and bacon cut like matchsticks go on top.

The heat in the oven is so intense that in less than few minutes the tarte emerges still supple, yet blistered at the edges, with the topping of cream and cheese the color of old ivory. Tarte flambee originated with peasants of the Bas Rhin, and is a specialty in the area from Strasbourg, Alsace.

It began to get popular some 20 years ago, and now every village on the outskirts of Strasbourg seems to have one, if not two or three, simple restaurants featuring tarte flambee. Many of them are open only on weekends.

On Sundays you will see three and even four generations of one family gathered around a table, the smallest children drawing pictures on the paper tablecloth, while the waitress brings tarte after tarte followed by carafes of young white wine. “Everybody from the high boss to the worker goes to eat tarte flambee”.