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Featured on New York Times in December 2012! Perfect East meets West Cuisine! 

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French-Indochine cuisine, a perfect East meets West! Best restaurant Tarte Flambee from Alsace in France cooked in wood oven, featuring a creme fraiche base, and topping choices with every meat and cheese combination that encapsulates the essence of french cuisine.  Delight your days with Banh Mi sandwiches, Pho Bone Marrow, Grilled Lemongrass Chicken, Vietnamese Curry Duck, Steak au Poivre, Duck "a L'Orange", Mekong River Seafood Bouillabaisse... so much more to enjoy!

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Our Passion


It starts with our passion to make authetic dishes where everyone in the world can taste. Alsace is at France borders to Germany, famous for Strasbourg Christmas market! Indochine is a peninsula of in South East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, W Malaysia, and Myanmar), famous for all kinds of foods and welcoming cultures! 

We bring world experiences to you! French-Indochine Cuisine!

Our Value


Our ingredients are fresh and sourced locally. We make to order every dish!  We believe in healthy and delicious of everything we do. Stay fit & firm with our high energy & healthy options. Go green with our packages. Best restaurant with social responsibility. We do what we love and we love what we do, absolutely!

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Our Commitment

La Tarte Flambee
New York Times

France and  Indochine have thousand years of history. We commit to make memorable experiences for you. Diving into our cuisine, you are opening up to the other side of the world and excite your days. It is a perfect shortcut of so long hours flight! Best French-Indochine cozy & casual restaurant in New York... all day!

Welcome. Come and enjoy the experiences!